'Rooted bloom' 

Welcome to our Spring / Summer 2022 collection.

Deep in darkness lays roots. Cultivated soil full of nutrients necessary for bloom. Unable to understand the story in the mist of their journey, tears begin to fall like raindrops. 

A tailored authentic story inside of a vessel. Like the seeds that fell into earthly soil, one by one each seed transports a unique story of its own growth. 

Troubled by trauma, change, challenges, grief, sorrow, stillness, nostalgia, illnesses and mental battles are spiritual journeys necessary for our own individual blooms. 

“Light at the end of the tunnel”

Branches are snapping and falling off but those rooted seeds of flowers are still dug deep. Maybe it’s time to bloom. To find yourself. To find your light at the end of the tunnel. 

The end result when we overcome darkness is that we bloom. Like flowers, colourful and rare shaped.  

Discover the meaning to each piece of jewellery in the 'About' section, that is located under the description of each product.

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