Lolly Akande is the founder and creative director of Lolli A London.

Born and raised in London, just like her parents of Yoruba Nigerian heritage.

Lolly's paternal and maternal grandparents settled in England during the early 1960s. Born into a creative family, Lolly’s grandmothers were designers. Her grandfather ran his own firm with great business acumen of which enabled him to travel globally.

Lolly attended University for the Creative Arts, graduating with a degree in fashion management and marketing. Lolly acquired 9 years’ experience in the jewellery and fashion industry. Working for brands such as, Ottoman Hands, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren, Gap and ModusBPCM. At just 10 years of age she would sell items at the school playground. At the age of 14 Lolly knew that it was in her destiny to own her own label.

Lolli A London is a womenswear jewellery and accessory brand. Established in 2018 and launched in 2020, the designer creates unique handmade artistic pieces, in her South East London apartment. 

It started off as a hobby in childhood and during her early 20s. Clay making, knitting and jewellery making. These remain deep rooted passions that the designer uses as a form of bliss & therapy. 


‘Light at the end of the tunnel’

The designer creates her pieces for those who feel trapped, reminding them that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Lolli A London was birthed to remind all women of their beauty, physical and internal. Our objective is to create sentimental handmade pieces that remind all our customers that there is healing after experiencing trauma.

Our founder stands by women who have suffered all types of abuse. We hope that you feel confident, elegant and graceful owning our jewellery pieces, clay trinkets and knitted pouches.

We support women who have suffered domestic, physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse by donating 5% of our profits to UK based women refuges.


‘Giving back to South East London’

Lolli A London donates excess and unused jewellery materials to Comber Grove Primary School, located in South East London.

The designer attended Comber Grove Primary School, where she discovered her love for creativity. It is vital to give back to the community and encourage children to pursue creative outlets. Students at Comber Grove recycle Lolli A London’s back stock of materials that include; pearls, beads, metals, yarn, art paper and jewellery tools.



Build your Lolli A London accessory wardrobe by creating a set by matching one of our pretty necklaces to a bracelet. Lolli A London jewellery can be worn out on a special occasion, dressed against a stylish outfit or to a business event.

Jewellery Storage:

Lolli A London jewellery clay pots, trinkets and dishes are authentically hand crafted and painted, focusing on colour, shape and size. These clay storages are a great way to jazz up any space, adding eye-catching art to ones home. Lolli A London clay holders make as fantastic gifts. Coming soon!

Jewellery Pouches:

Lolli A London jewellery pouches are suitable for rings, earrings, perfect for bracelets and necklaces. This is a fantastic way to store precious jewellery when traveling and makes for great home jewellery storage. Hand knitted from acrylic wool yarn. Coming soon!

Shop Lolli A London if you appreciate unique creative craft. Take a photo of your Lolli A London handmade item & @lollialondon on Instagram.